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Itchy pets are the top reason why most people switch over to a raw food diet, and probably the most asked question on our page. Since we concentrate more on the raw feeding side of things, we will always recommend ditching the kibble first. Some raw fed pets still have itchy skin, and there is really very limited advice that we can give over and above what your veterinarian will offer you.

Understanding Allergies:

Please note that allergies can always be present, even though the symptoms don’t show. Repeated exposure increases the histamine levels until it’s at such a point where it physically shows and where it presents as what we think to be skin allergies.

When histamine levels increase, you become itchy as your body tries to cope with the “foreign” substances. Holistic vets will try to increase the cortisol levels (anti-inflammatory hormones) in order to decrease the histamine levels and attempt to find a balance that your pet is comfortable with.
Cortisone injections literally fool the body into reducing cortisol over time if it’s done too much and too often, and hence the fact that so many people complain that their pets’ cortisone injections don’t last as long as before.

You can put all sorts of creams, lotions and oils on the skin to ease discomfort, however you will HAVE to treat the cause to find long-term relief.

I would strongly suggest that if you don’t find the cause within at least 3 months, to seek advise from a holistic vet. Skin allergies become increasingly difficult over time to treat, as the body starts to react to all sorts of triggers. Hence the fact that blood allergy tests aren’t recommended for older animals.

Please find below a quick check-list to narrow down the possible cause for itchiness in your pet(s):