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We Feed Raw (Strictly PMR/DIY) is a South African raw feeding and holistic support platform for like-minded pet owners. We encourage Prey model raw (PMR), Ratio or NRC-based, Do-it-Yourself (DIY), Frankenprey, whole-prey and Raw Meaty Bones (RMB) feeding models for dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits, etc as well as a holistic and chemical-free approach to your pets’ well-being.
The Rules:
  1. We Feed Raw S.A. (PMR/DIY) is strictly for PMR, DIY, whole prey or frankenprey style pet raw feeding.  While we will gladly help assist those moving over from BARF-style foods, we cannot approve posts regarding commercial or any other premade pet food brands, whether raw, dehydrated, extruded, kibble/pellet, tinned, cooked or otherwise.
  2. Be respectful to other posts, we are all adults. There is no absolute way to feed your pet. Be tolerant to other peoples’ posts and questions.
  3. No For Sale Ads, No Fundraising Ads.
  4. No Business Ads without Admin approval and no posts to promote business events/causes or charity events.
  5. No puppies, kittens, birds, snakes, monkeys or any other pets for sale or adoption/rehoming.
  6. No live feeding pics or videos please. If unsure, ask an Admin first if it’s appropriate. Inappropriate posts will be removed and repeated posts will result in you being blocked completely.
  7. Please respect people’s posts, comments, photos and links as individual intellectual property on the We Feed Raw S.A. support group and may not to be made available on any other platform. If you share posts, comments etc without the expressed permission from an Admin, you are violating this group’s conditions of use and will result in your immediate removal from We Feed Raw S.A.
  8. For the same reason, external posts, photos, screenshots, links or comments from other closed Facebook groups may not be shared to We Feed Raw S.A. page and will result in removal of the post.
  9. No contact details may be shared in posts: No mobile numbers, email addresses, external webpages or social media pages are to be mentioned unless it’s an article which benefits the group.
  10. No contact me, inbox me, WhatsApp me posts/comments, especially from suppliers – this is considered soliciting and a contravention of our rules.
  11. Suppliers are to refrain soliciting business, our platform is not here to market business
  12. No references, recommendations, remedies or supplier listings are allowed with any references to cannabis or CBD oil on We Feed Raw S.A.
  13. Admin and moderators’ decisions on post closures and/or removal of posts or members are final and not open for discussion or debate.
  14. Direct Messaging or Private Messaging Prohibited. Messaging other members of this group, either via Messenger or WhatsApp is strictly prohibited, unless welcomed by the other member. Members should ask for advice publicly on the group. Advice is offered freely and should not be solicited privately.
  15. We Feed Raw S.A. is a raw feeding support platform. It’s not meant to replace professional care or advice, and we cannot accept health nor behaviour related questions.
  16. Duplicate posts, posts not relating to raw feeding or irrelevant health related posts will be removed.
  17. Members may not block admins or moderators. Members with an ‘Unavailable’ profile status will be removed from the group.
  18. Members may not remove their own posts. All content posted is to the benefit of everyone on the group and should remain on the group for reference by others. Members who remove their own posts will be removed from the group.

Conditions of Use:

  1. This is not an animal health page. We do not encourage discussions regarding health issues. However, since animal health and feeding related issues sometimes cross-over, members may make recommendations based on personal experience AND substantiated literature. You are solely responsible for the health of your animal(s) – when in doubt, consult with your veterinarian.
  2. We Feed Raw S.A. is a raw feeding support platform. It’s not meant to replace professional care or advice, and we cannot accept health nor behaviour related questions.
  3. We are not animal food nutritionists. Our recipes are guidelines and not bona-fide recommendations. Users shall not post recipes from other sites unless the source is clearly indicated. Own recipes may be shared, with a small disclaimer in terms of using at own risk.
  4. We are not pet food manufacturers. We are a support group, and by using this page you acknowledge that you understand that the Admins and members of this page cannot be held liable for any animal health related issues your pet may experience from members’ posts regarding recipes, supplements and feeding recommendations.
  5. We are not a marketplace for pet food and supplements. Everyone has their favourite brand, and excessive recommendations clutter posts. We have Files where Raw Meat Suppliers, Supplement Suppliers etc. are listed, kindly ensure that your favourite brand and agent in your area is listed so that we can make recommendations accordingly.
  6. We are a raw feeding support group. You must understand the concept and possible risks related to feeding your animal(s) a raw food diet. Emotional, sad or angry responses to raw food related posts will not be tolerated. If the post offends you, then scroll by without reacting. Repeated outbursts will result in your removal from our page.
  7. This is a closed support group: No posts, comments, links, pictures or photos from We Feed Raw S.A. may be shared to any other outside page, whether it be for Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform, nor may it be shared via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Skype or any other messaging application.
  8. We do not allow advertising: Posts and comments with contact details, members soliciting business and any other posts which seems like advertising will be removed, and future offenses will result in the member being blocked from our page.

By using this page you acknowledge that you have read and understand the rules and conditions of use. Transgressions will result in your permanent removal from the page.

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